Story Writing on Think Before You Speak

We often underestimate the power of words and how positive words can shape our lives. The story writing on “Think Before You Speak” will take you through a personal story of Raju and how his thoughtless personality becomes very conscious about words. 

Story Writing on Think Before You Speak

Write a story about Think Before You Speak using the following points:

  • A small village
  • a young boy named Raju 
  • Raj makes a thoughtless comment to a neighbor and hurts their feelings. The neighbor teaches Raj a lesson about the power of words.
  • Raj becomes more mindful of his words and sees the positive impact it has on his relationships.

Story Writing on Think Before You Speak

Once in a village, there was a young boy named Raju. Raju was a very joyful and talkative person by nature. Raju grew up in a joint family along with some of his cousins. He was very open to everyone and said things without thinking. He had never realized the power of words and how they could hurt others.

One day, Raju made a very thoughtless comment to one of his neighbors, who was a very old and wise man. The comment makes the man very sad. Raju saw the sadness in the eyes of the old man.

The next day, the old man invites Raju for a walk. During the work, the man tells Raju a story about the power of words and how we should use them for good and bad.

The old man explains that the words are like seeds, as seeds have the power to grow and shape the environment around us. In the same way, if we plant kind and thoughtful words, they will grow into a beautiful garden of love and friendship. However, if we plant a heartfelt word, it will grow into a garden of rage and hatred.

Raju listened carefully to that old man and realized the importance of thinking before speaking. Once we say something, we cannot take our words back, so it is always better to think before we speak. From that day on, Raju became more responsible with his words. He started using all the positive words, which marked a significant change in his behavior and his relationships with others.

The moral of the story is “Think before you speak, for words have the power to heal or harm.” Just like Raju, we all have the power to shape our world with our words. We should always strive to be mindful of the words we use and to choose them wisely.

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