Editorial Letter On Bad Condition Of Road

Bad conditions of roads are very common; that is one of the major causes of road accidents.

Suppose the road condition in your locality is very bad and accidents have become a common fact. Now you want to bring this fact to the public to get it resolved. Write an editorial letter on bad condition of road.

In this post, I have shared two examples of editorial letters on the bad condition of the road. These two letters are written on the same template.

The editorial letter is a very good medium to send your message to any higher authority through a daily newspaper.

Editorial letter on bad condition of road points:

  • Problems
  • Cause
  • Effects of that problem
  • Urge the respective authority

Example 1: Editorial Letter On Bad Condition Of Road

The Editor
The Statesman
Kolkata 70001

Subject: bad condition of roads


Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw your attention to the matter of the bad condition of roads in our locality.

The current situation of roads in our locality is very bad. Residents, travellers; pedestrians are heavily affected by this issue.

Potholes are here and they making the road an uneven surface. That is a significant risk for both pedestrians and motorists. The road is also not maintained properly. That exacerbated this situation.

Road accidents nowadays have become a common phenomenon due to the bad condition of the roads. The traffic system of the roads has also broken.

Very little rain makes roads flood with water due to improper maintenance of drainage systems. Especially during monsoon seasons, situations get worse, and roads become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and hazardous diseases.

Through your daily columns, I urge the respective authorities to repair these road as early as possible. Either way, more accidents can take innocent lives.

Biplab Biswas

Editorial Letter On Bad Condition Of Road Notes

Editorial Letter On Bad Condition Of Road Notes

Example 2: Editorial Letter On Bad Condition Of Road

The Editor
Newspaper Name

Sub: letter on the bad condition of the road

Through your columns, I am writing to express my concern about the bad condition of the road in my locality.

Road safety is heavily compromised due to the alarming condition of the roads. Potholes and improper maintenance turned the road into farmland where no one could ride.

People are risking their lives while travelling on the roads. The frequency of road accidents has reached a high. Schoolchildren and daily travellers also struggled to navigate through the roads.

Businesses and transportation are being hampered.

I asked the respective authorities to allocate the necessary funds to repair the roads to ensure a safe and smooth ride for everyone.

Your name

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