Newspapers will be extinct in the next 20 years essay

Newspapers are now fighting for their survival as readers are shifting towards digital media. A lot of experts have predicted the extinction of newspapers within the next 20 years

Newspapers will be extinct in the next 20 years essay will deep dive into this topic and analyse it critically, considering both aspects of possibility and cause. 
Let me clarify for you that here, newspaper extinction means reduced use of print media. It doesn’t mean completely removing print media. There will be a small portion of society that will always consume newspapers. 

Newspapers will be extinct in the next 20 years essay points:

Introduction: Newspaper and its significance 
The cause behind extinction: what are the causes of the extinction of newspapers:

  • technical advancement
  • changing customer behaviour
  • revenue decline
  • distribution network
  • cost-friendly 

Conclusion: What is your view on newspapers being extinct in the next 20 years essay 

Newspapers will be extinct in the next 20 years essay in 300 words

For years and years, the newspaper has been the source of news, information, and entertainment, keeping our society informed and updated. However, nowadays, with the rapid growth of technology and the rise of digital media, print media has come to the edge of extinction. 

Technological advancement: A new technological advancement made it possible to access information easily with just the click of a button. Digital media has become a real-time companion for accessing information at any time. This convenience made print media obsolete.

Changing customer behaviour: Nowadays, the younger generations prefer digital media more than print media. Gen Z consumes digital media because it provides live updates and personalised content that they want to read. With this changing behaviour, the upcoming generation’s medium of information consumption is shifting to digital. 

Revenue decline: The primary revenue source of newspapers was from advertisers, as users are shifting towards digital media. Advertisers are also putting their ads on digital media. That led to lower revenue for the traditional news organization. 

Distribution network: for a newspaper, it needs proper distribution channels to deliver it to its readers. Whereas through digital media, anyone can publish from anywhere, and it can reach directly to the end readers. Thus making digital media and distribution more friendly. 

Cost-friendly: Producing news in print media requires the cost of paper, ink, press, and distribution, making it a heavier option. Whereas digital media does not need any such expenses. That makes it more cost-friendly. 

Conclusion: Newspapers have served our society for centuries, but now, with the new technological advancements, it looks like within the next 20 years they will be extinct. The readers prefer digital news consumption due to convenience, cost, friendliness, and accessibility. 

Although some individuals will still prefer print media to enjoy proper reading with a pen and pencil, It’s important for traditional media houses to strengthen their digital landscape as per user demand.

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