Essay on an Accident I saw| Description of A Car Accident Essay

The experience you had in your life of watching an accident is a personal story that describes the incident chronologically and the lessons you take from it.

These are two examples: an essay on an accident I saw; sharing a personal story; and learning from a road accident you encountered in life.

Pro tips: While you write an essay on any personal story, always present the fact that the story’s influence on your life.

Essay on an Accident I saw points:

  • Introduction
  • Eyewitness experience
  • My immediate reaction
  • Reflecting on the Consequences
  • The impact on me
  • Conclusion

Short Essay on an Accident I Saw

On a regular day, I was returning from school. It was a hot summer day, and the road was clean and traffic-free. Suddenly, listen to a loud sound: a bike hits an SUV car, and the biker falls onto the road.

Immediately, I ran to the biker. He was without a helmet and heavily injured in the head. Meanwhile, the driver of the car came out and started scolding the biker. I stopped the driver and said, This is the time to help, not fight. I requested that he call an ambulance a few minutes later to the hospital.

This accident experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. This experience taught me the importance of helmets and road safety.

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Long Essay on an Accident I Saw

The time was early morning on winter’s foggy day. The road was fully covered by fog, and there was not any traffic on the road.

I woke up early that day for my study. I was studying at my table when I suddenly heard the loud sound of someone shouting. I opened my window and saw that somebody had crashed his car into the wall beside the road.

Immediately I ran to that car, and two of my neighbours reached the car, and we together brought the driver outside of the car. He was bleeding from his head and had several other injuries to his body.

The driver had not worn a seatbelt, and that led to several injuries.
I called an ambulance within 5 minutes, and it reached and took him to the hospital. In the evening, the police took his car out.

I remember this terrible experience from that accident. It happened so fast that I just can’t believe it in my eyes. This accident reminds me about road safety and the importance of consciousness when driving.

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