Report Writing on Building Collapse With Notes

The building collapse is a tragic accident that claims the lives of innocent people. Report writing on building collapse provides a brief picture of the incident, its cause, casualties, and solution.

Here in this post, there are two examples of report writing on building collapses: one is an old building collapse, and the other is under construction. Both reports are written in the same format.

Report Writing on Building Collapse Points:

  • Details of the incidents
  • Cause of the incident
  • Rescue operation
  • Investigation
  • Resolution

Example 1: Report Writing on Building Collapse

Title: 35 people died in a building collapse


On January 20, a 12-floor flat collapsed in Salt Lake, Kolkata, causing 35 deaths and several injuries. The building was constructed 80 years ago. The primary cause of the accident is a Primitively old building and improper maintenance. The accident took place at night, so the disaster management team reached the field a little late.

According to the report, The rescue operation is currently ongoing. Still, 35 people have been found dead and several are missing, and officials say there may be some more trapped inside the debris. More than a hundred people were rescued successfully. After the rescue operation, a police investigation will take place to determine the negligence of the authority that is responsible for this building collapse.

This recent building collapse in Salt Lake reminds us of the significant risk to public safety from old construction buildings. To address this kind of accident in the future, the government needs to strengthen the policy related to old building maintenance.

Report Writing on Building Collapse Notes:

Example 2: Report Writing on Building Collapse

Title: Five laborers died when a building collapsed


On Monday, February 18, an 8th floor under construction building in Mumbai, Juhu, collapsed, taking five lives off construction labor.

The primary causes of the building’s collapse are construction failure, poor design, and low-quality material use. The engineer had already warned the promoter about the land’s soil-bearing capacity. These building collapses took the lives of five labourers and left several injured.

The local police are investigating the matter further, integrating both parties, engineers, and promoters. To prevent such incidents in the future, we need to properly inspect the construction site regularly.

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How to write better reports ?

To write a good report, you need to write it short and concisely.

Why report writing is important ?

Report writing is important because it gives us a chronological overview of any incident.

How to prevent building collapse ?

If you find any building in critical condition, contact your municipal corporation, or you can file a police complaint mentioning all the details.

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