Report Writing on Fire Accident In a Building

A serious fire accident takes place in a residential building. Now, write a Report Writing on Fire Accident In a Building mentioning all the details, causes, and casualties of the fire accident. The report should be for an English daily newspaper.

Report Writing on Fire Accident In a Building

Points for a report writing on a fire accident in a building:

  • Description of the fire accident in the building
  • Information about the building (name, location, type)
  • Date and time of the fire accident
  • Possible causes of the fire
  • Events Leading to the Fire Accident
  • Information about any warning signs that were present
  • Information about any injuries or fatalities
  • Summary of the report
  • Final thoughts on the incident

Report Writing on Fire Accident In a Building


Title: 2 People Died In a Serious Fire Accidents

Date: _/_/_

A fire broke out in a residential building in Shibpur, Kolkata, late at night on March 20, 2023. Still, now two people have died, and many more are suffering from this fire accident.
The building has the 17th floor and is named Malan Tower. It is a residential building with approximately 200 families in this tower. This locality is mainly known as BN Sheroni.

The fire occurred on the second floor on March 20 at 2:00 p.m. The exact cause of the fire is under investigation. According to the eyewitness, the fire started in room number 31 on the second floor and gradually spread to the other room as well.

The primary investigation assumes that the fire was caused by a faulty electric system. Smoke from the fire spreads through the whole floor and creates a hazardous situation for the occupants. Due to the late-night incident, the fire emergency team reached the situation a little late. The fire emergency team started evacuating its occupants, but due to the heavy heat and flames, several occupants were trapped inside their room.

According to the initial report, two people have died and several are undergoing treatment. The fire also caused heavy damage throughout the second floor, burning all the necessary documents and essentials of the second-floor occupants.

The residential authorities are reviewing the fire safety system in the building. They also created a committee to investigate the whole incident.

The Malan Tower fire accident created significant damage, and two people lost their lives in this fire accident. Building management systems must regularly inspect their fire safety measurements. By taking proper safety measures, we can prevent such fire accidents in the future.

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