Report Writing On Yoga Day Celebration In School

Practicing regular yoga has great benefits for keeping our bodies physically and mentally fit. Yoga helps students increase their concentration power. International Yoga Day is a great step to create awareness about yoga among the common folk.

Report Writing On Yoga Day Celebration In School
  • Assume your school celebrated International Yoga Day with a colorful event, and now write a report for a daily newspaper.

Report Writing on the yoga day celebration in school is written on the basis of the following points: 

  • Introduction: explanation of International Yoga Day and its significance
  • Preparations: Description of the preparations made by the school
  • Celebration: An account of the events that took place during the celebration, including the yoga session, speeches, and demonstrations
  • Participation: Discussion of the level of participation by students and teachers
  • Conclusion: A summary of the main points

Report Writing On Yoga Day Celebration In School

22 June

Reported By Biplab Biswas

Jangipur High School celebrated International Yoga Day with a colorful event on June 21st. Students from all the classes and teachers, along with a yoga institute, join this event.

Every year on June 21, people all over the world observe International Yoga Day to promote the practice of yoga and its physical and mental well-being benefits.

In the past few weeks, Jangipur High School has taken several steps to make this a success. The school also invited some neighboring schools.

Sunrise Yoga Institute, along with all of their students, takes part in the school event.

The Yoga Day celebration began with a yoga session conducted by a professional yoga instructor.

Later, the school principal and Sunrise Yoga Institute chairman delivered a speech to the students. They tell us how yoga can help us live a physically and mentally fit life. Yoga can also help us improve our concentration power, which would be very beneficial for all the students.

Overall, the International Yoga Day event at Jangipur High School was a great success. All the preparation, celebration, and participation were outstanding. Everybody, from teachers to non teaching staff, comes together to make this event successful. This event had a very positive impact on creating awareness about the benefits of yoga in human life.

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