Write a report on the publication of a wall magazine in your school | Mention your plans and preparations.

Q:  Report on the publication of a wall magazine in your school
Write a report on the publication of a wall magazine in your school

Points: Date-Name-the items-preparations-teachers who helped-appreciation

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The English wall magazine of Binodini Balika Vidyalaya was published on 2nd January and the effort received much appreciation from students and teachers. The plan of publishing the magazine was approved by the school authority, and an editorial board of three teachers and twelve students was formed to take this enterprise to success. The theme of this wall magazine was ‘Communal Harmony and the Festivals of Bengal. The editorial board put up a strenuous effort to invite poems, essays, pictures and short stories from the students on the theme, and to select the best ones and edit them thereafter. Minor additions and alterations were made by the board, which indeed helped the magazine to attain excellence. The English teacher, Mrs. Barnali Sen, was extremely enthusiastic in this regard.

The response from students was inspiring. Students with legible handwriting were selected to make the final copy. Sritama Gupta and Sriparna Roy, both students of class XII who are noted for their drawing and decorative faculties, were given the charge of beautifying the magazine with pictures and collages. Finally, the magazine was put up on the wall on 2nd January by the school authority. The Headmistress of the institution lauded the effort and hoped that the magazine would be published every year, as it offers the students a platform to show their creativity and talent.

                                                                                     [By Amita Chakraborty, Student Editor, Class XII]

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