A Crow and A Fox Story Writing

A Crow and A Fox Story writing tells you about how a clever fox made a fool of a crow by faking flattery. The story of A Crow and A Fox sends a strong message: never trust flattery from strangers because they may have a hidden agenda.

Here, the clever fox tried to satisfy his motive by eating the bread piece. We all face situations in our lives where we trust someone and get fooled.

A Crow and A Fox Story Writing

the clever fox and the foolish crow story writing

Once upon a time, there was a crow and a fox in a forest. One day, the crow found a delicious piece of bread. The crow was enjoying his food while sitting on a branch of a tree, holding the bread piece in his beak. Meanwhile, a hungry fox was passing under the tree, and the fox was very tired of looking at his food. Soon, the fox noticed that the crow had a piece of bread. Seeing this, the fox wanted to eat it very much.

He made a plan to eat the bread piece. The fox started flattering the crow, telling it, “Hey, beautiful crow, today you are looking nice.” But the crow did not respond. After that, the fox tells the crow that his voice is so melodious that if he can sing a song, he will declare him the queen of all birds. The crow felt flattered, opened his beak, and started singing. As soon as the crow opened his beak, the piece of bread fell, and the clever fox picked up the piece of bread and ran away.

The crow felt very bad about himself. He realized that he had made a great mistake by opening his beak. He realized how clever the fox had been in making him a fool.

A Crow and A Fox Story writing Moral: Beware of flattery from the unknown, as they may have hidden motives.

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