Story Writing On Two Cats and A Monkey

When it comes to trust, we should always trust an honest person, according to the story Two Cats and a Monkey. In this story, we will see how two cats were cheated by a dishonest monkey.

Story Writing On Two Cats and A Monkey

Story Writing On Two Cats and A Monkey


  • Introduction
  • Introduce the problem of the cats fighting over a piece of bread
  • The cats’ struggle to divide the bread
  • The monkey’s arrival
  • The monkey’s betrayal
  • Conclusion

Mini and Jini were two cats who lived in a village. They were the best of friends, but they had a problem: they used to fight all the time over food. One day, they found a delicious-looking piece of bread. They attempted to divide the bread fairly, but Mini took one bite and Jini demanded another. The fight escalated and they were unable to divide the bread evenly.

A monkey was seeing all the incidents from a tree branch. The monkey jumped down to propose to the cats that he had a scale that could divide the bread into two equal pieces. The cats joyfully handed the monkey the piece of bread. The monkey was dividing the bread piece by taking one bite to his mouth and saying, “This is not equal,” implying that he should take another. The monkey says there’s just one piece of bread at the end. I believe I deserve it for my efforts, as the monkey ate the entire braid this way.

Feeling very disappointed, Mini, and Jini return home empty handed. They learned a very important lesson from this incident: when it comes to trust, we should always trust the right person. From there, they started sharing. Jimmy and Mini started sharing food fairly among each other without the help of any other person.


Two Cats and A Monkey Story writing Moral: 

The story shows that it’s important to be aware of one’s own actions, to be honest when it comes to sharing with others, and to be careful about who you trust.

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