The Fox And The Grapes Story Writing

Write a story using the following points: Give a suitable title and the moral of the story. Here the title of the story is “The Fox and the Grapes,” written with a moral. This title is most suitable to represent the main theme of the story.

Hints: A fox found grapes hanging from the wall; the grapes were ripe; the fox tried to reach the grapes; he always failed; he went away in disappointment; his only consolation was “The grapes are sour!”

the fox and the grapes story with pictures pdf

The Fox And The Grapes

It was a warm summer day. A fox was passing by a high wall. Plenty of grapes were hanging from that wall. They looked all ripe and delicious.

The fox saw and was tempted by the grapes. He wanted to eat them all. But they were out of his reach. He jumped high to get hold of them. But he failed. He tried again and again. but each time he failed.

The fox turned away and muttered gloomily, “I don’t care for those grapes.” “They are all sour.” That could be his only consolation: “The grapes are sour.”

Moral: The grapes are sour.

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