The Greedy Dog Story Writing | What Is The Moral Of The Story Of The Greedy Dog

The story of a greedy dog is mentioned in this post. The Greedy Dog Story Writing explains how a greedy dog lost a piece of meat that he owned. The Greedy Dog Story Writing shows how greed leads to disappointment.

Attempt a story in about 100 words, following the points below after composing the story Write the story’s moral, which should be written in a way that represents the story’s main message.

The Greedy Dog Story Writing

Points: A dog got a piece of meat – began to cross a bridge – saw his own reflection, took that as another dog – barked angrily-lost his own meat.

The Greedy Dog

Once, a dog could find a piece of meat near a stall in the market. He carried it in his mouth and ran away. The meat was very delicious. His appetite was satisfied by that.

He came near a small stream. He came to the bank. He saw his reflection in the water of the stream. He was surprised to see another dog, with a piece of meat in his mouth. The dog dropped the meat into the river.

The dog was greedy. He wanted to have that meat, too. He barked angrily at that. He wanted to eat that meat. The barking disturbed the dog who was eating meat.

Alas! The piece of meat dropped into the river and disappeared. The dog stared foolishly at his own image. He lost his own piece of meat for his foolish greediness. A piece of meat is lost for him.

Moral: Greed leads to disappointment.

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