Srory Writing Abou Ben Adhem and the Angel

 Abou Ben Adhem and the Angel

Points: Abou Ben Adhem woke up from a happy dream-saw an angel writing in a book of gold-the angel replied, he was writing the names of those who loved God-Abou’s name not there–requested the angel to write his name—angel disappeared-appeared next night-showed Adhem the names-Ben Adhem’s name was at the top.

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Abou Ben Adhem and the Angel

Once upon a time there lived a man whose name was Abou Ben Adhem. He was a nobleman. He loved his fellow beings. He became happy by the happiness of others and became sorry by the sorrow of others. His heart always cried for the destitutes and he longed to solve their problem. He did that selflessly without desiring anything for himself. Everybody honoured and loved him for his noble character and philanthropic nature.

One day Abou woke up at midnight from a happy dream. He saw an angel who had appeared in his room. He had a book of gold with him and was writing something in it. In his dream Abou asked the angel, “What are you writing in the book ?” The angel replied, “I’m writing the names of all those who love God.” Abou Ben again asked him, “’Is my name written in the book ?” The angel answered in the negative. Hearing that Abou was not disheartened as he did not do anything to get anything in return. Yet Abou requested the angel to write down his name. But the angel vanished. Then Abou woke up from sleep.

The next night also, Abou saw the same angel in his dream. The angel again appeared with the same book and was seen writing something in it. Then he showed the book to Abou who found his name at the top of the list. He was very surprised and said, “Why is my name at the top ?” The angel replied, “There are names of those who have won the love of God. You have won God’s love most because you love your fellow beings. So, your name is at the top.” Saying that the angel disappeared and Abou woke up with a feeling of delight and gratefulness to God.

• Moral : To love fellow beings is to love God.

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