March of Civilization and Wildlife Precis Writing

Read the following passage carefully and write a precis of it and suggest a suitable title for it 

PASSAGE: The saving of certain wild animals from extinction has for many years been a problem for zoologists and other specialists, but more recently the problem has become so acute, and has received so much publicity, that most people are now concerned about it. This may at first seem strange because one of the most satisfying developments of the last few years has been the passing of strict laws to protect wild animals and the consequent decline in the hunting of big game for sport. Why is it, then that some rare wild animals are still threatened with extinction and even some of the less rare ones are rapidly declining in number?

One reason is the ‘march of civilization’. When an area is wholly cleared of vegetation to make room for new towns, factory sites of hydroelectric plants, the natural home of special species is destroyed. The displaced animals must either migrate to another area or perish. Even the clearing of land for a road or an airfield may involve ‘pushing back the jungle and the smaller the area in which wild animals compete for a living, the smaller the number that can hope to survive.

Civilization brings too, swift and easy transport and so assists those who are determined to break the various protective laws. Thieves can elude the forest wardens, shoot an elephant for its tusks, a rhinoceros for its horn, or a dove for its meat, and be miles away from the site of crime before the dead or dying victim is even discovered.

It is sad to reflect that civilzation which can bring so many benefits to people who have previously known only hunger and misery, brings also facilities for the heartless criminals who, for material gain, will slaughter some harmless animals and threaten the disappearance of its kind from the earth forever.

March of Civilization and Wildlife Precis Writing

PRÉCIS Title: March of Civilization and Wildlife 

To save wildlife from extinction is a real problem. Strict laws protect them partly. It is alarming that the number of some rare animals is rapidly declining. Advancement of civilization destroys and dwindles natural habitat forcing animals to migrate. They are into struggle for existence in a small area. But thieves are poaching animals for money. So it is really depressing that civilization brings both prosperity and misery leading to extinction of many wild animals.

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