Police Complaint For Noise Pollution| Loudspeaker Police Complaint Letter

Loud music at weddings or parties is played for fun, but it can be traumatic for somebody else. Noise pollution has now become a common phenomenon, causing significant harm to our society.

Suppose your locality is facing the issue of noise pollution, and you have tried your best to control it but failed. Now you want to file a police complaint for noise pollution. Then this post is for you: How to Write an Effective Police Complaint for Noise Pollution. We have covered two examples and one general-format pdf note. I hope you find this post helpful.

Police Complaint For Noise Pollution Points:

  • Date and location
  • Describe the problems
  • Cause of noise pollution
  • Effects on society
  • Request to take action

Police Complaint For Noise Pollution

The OC
Chakdaha Police station
Nadia 741223

Sub: Complaint about noise pollution


I am Rahul, a permanent resident of the Chakdaha 7-block area. I am currently pursuing my graduation. I am writing this letter to you to present the facts about noise pollution in our locality.

In recent days, our locality has been facing loud sounds throughout the day and also in the night hours. The majority of sounds come from wedding halls and political campaigns. Sometimes they play vulgar music that is not good for a good society.

This noise pollution disturbs our studies, especially during examination time. Also, it is very harmful to old people, especially those who are suffering from heart disease. For all the animals, it also creates disturbance.

I would like to request that you take immediate action against this noise pollution. I end all the localities. Of course, I will be grateful for your kindness.

Contact details

Yours faithfully
Rahul Roy

Police Complaint For Noise Pollution Format

Loudspeaker Police Complaint Letter

The officer in charge
Ranaghat police station
Ranaghat 741223

Sub: Complaint for Loudspeaker

I am writing to inform you that my locality is facing a problem of noise pollution. Loudspeakers have become a common phenomenon nowadays. It reaches Maxima with its vulgar music.

Loud music from different sources Like a wedding party Create an unhappy environment. It creates problems. To students, old people, and children.

I request that you take the necessary steps to address this problem.

Yours faithfully

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