Editorial Letter on Ragging in Educational Institutions

Ragging is a social evil that has been taking place in our society for a long time now. Editorial letter on ragging in educational institutions will try to grab the attention of the respective authorities to this cruel act. Ragging can take different forms, and that can have a deep mental effect on any student. We all need to come close to saying ‘no to ragging’.

Ragging in educational initiations is very shameful, and that really hampers the learning experience for any student.

Measure what we can do to prevent ragging in educational institutions

  • Create an anti-ragging cell.
  • Start a helpline number.
  • consulting service for the ragging victims
  • Create awareness among the students.

Editorial Letter on Ragging in Educational Institutions pdf notes

Editorial Letter on Ragging in Educational Institutions pdf notes

Editorial Letter on Ragging in Educational Institutions


The Editor
The Statesman,
Kolkata, 70001

Sub: Ragging in educational institutions


Through the columns of your daily, I would like to draw your attention to the cruel act of ragging in educational institutions. All over the world, the practice of ragging has been taking place in educational institutions for a long time.

Often, it starts as a fun activity, but sometimes it takes a very cruel form. Ragging can be different from physical, verbal, or emotional, which leaves far-reaching consequences for students. The acts of ragging make students very vulnerable and feel scared and unwelcome. This kind of act makes any educational institution shameful. Learning shouldn’t be like that; it’s time to come together and address this social issue.

Every educational institution needs to be an anti-ragging cell led by any teacher where any students can complain about any mishap happening to them. Also, ragging needs to be treated as a punishable offense. As students, we need to be detached from this kind of activity. Students need to create awareness camps in institutions so that all students, from junior to senior, can come close in friendliness.

By standing against this social evil, we will ensure that our educational institution is safe for everyone. We will ensure a good learning experience for everyone.

Thank you

Biplab Biswas

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Author’s Note: Ragging is a serious issue that’s a punishable offense, as students don’t involve themselves in this kind of fun activity. If you notice any mishaps with anyone, provide the help that you can. As a whole society, we need to come together to say ‘no to ragging’.

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