Police Complaint Letter for Lost Certificate: How to Write a Formal Complaint

Have you lost your important certificate? This can be a very daunting experience. The Police Complaint Letter for Lost Certificate will guide you on how you can file a police complaint to get a duplicate copy of your certificate.

In the case of any certificate being lost, the format of the police complaint letter will be the same as in this post. You just need to change the name of the certificate and the respective authorities.

When To File a Police Complaint Letter For Lost Certificate

When you lose any important certificate, for example, an Aadhar card, voter card, etc. First, try to find it; if you are unable to locate it, try to reach out to the respective authorities. If the authorities demand a police complaint number, then you have to file a police complaint letter.

How Do I Write an Effective Police Complaint Letter?

While writing any official letter, the tone of your letter must be formal. Always type the full name of the respective authorities and their complete address. Describe the incident in short and always give relevant information, like the reference number of your lost certificate.

Police Complaint Letter for Lost Certificate Points:

  • First, address the issue of how you lost your certificate.
  • What certificate you lost and mention the respective authorities.
  • Describe the problems you are facing with this issue.
  • Request an action to find the lost certificate.

Certificate Missing Police Complaint Letter

The OC
CKL Police Station
Kolkata 700001

Dear sir,

I am Biplab Biswas, and I am writing to file a complaint regarding the loss of my certificates (Give examples such as an Aadhar card, Pan card, voter card, etc.).

On May 25, while traveling on a state bus, I lost my bag that contained my certificate. I tried to find it but was unable to locate it. I think my bag has been stolen.

I am afraid that if the certificate falls into the wrong hands, it can be misused. The certificate is issued by government authorities (Name the authority that issued the certificate).

After losing the certificate, I immediately went to the respective authorities, and they instructed me to file a police complaint.

As next month is my college admission verification, I need the original hard copy of that certificate. So I request that you investigate this matter and help me locate my certificate or provide a duplicate copy of the certificate.

I attached a Xerox copy of the certificate that has the reference number. I am hoping for positive outcomes.

Thank you
Biplab Biswas
[Your address]

Overall, losing a certificate may be painful, but if you follow the right steps, You can obtain a duplicate copy of your lost certificate.

The Police Complaint Letter for Lost Certificate described in this post can help you retrieve the lost certificate. I hope you loved this post. Comment below with your feedback.


What should I do if I suspect my certificate has been stolen?

First, contact the respective authorities that issued the certificate. If they don’t, then you need to file a police complaint.

What documents do I need to provide when filing a police complaint?

Attach the Xerox copy of the certificate that you have lost.

Can I file a police complaint for a lost school certificate?

Yes, you can, but before you file a police complaint, first contact your school.

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