How To Write Holiday Notice For Students

If you want to learn how to write holiday notices for students, consider any occasion like Holi, summer vacation, etc. All the holiday formats are likely the same; only the time and account are different. Here in this post, I share two  Holiday notices writing about the holiday for Holi and the holiday for Summer vacation.

A holiday notice for students should include the following information:

  • To inform students of an upcoming holiday.
  • Specify the start and end dates of the holiday, including the day and date.
  • Explain the reason for the holiday, whether it is a national holiday, a school holiday, or any other reason.
  • Inform students about any homework or assignments that are due before or after the holiday and any instructions for submitting them.
  • Close the notice with a reminder to enjoy the holiday and a wish for a good time.
  • Include the signature of the principal or head of the department.
How To Write Holiday Notice For Students

Holiday Notice writing for Holi

Notice: Holiday for Students

Date: _/_/_

Dear students

This is a general notice that informs you all that our school will be closed for the occasion of Holi from March 8th to March 10th. All classes during this period will be suspended. We kindly remind you of all the homework and assignments that were assigned before and after the holiday. In case of any query contact to Anirban sir at phone 90******.

Wish you a happy colorful Holi.

School Summer Vacation Notice Sample 

Notice: Holiday for Students

Date: _/_/_

All the students and teaching and non-teaching staff are notified that our school will be closed for the summer vacation from June 12 to June 25.. All the classes will be suspended during this period. As usual, the school will reopen on June 27.We remind all the students about the homework and assignments instructed before and after the holiday. The examination will happen as scheduled before the summer vacation. We wish all the students to enjoy this holiday safely.

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