Blood Donation Camp Notice Writing

Blood Donation camp notice writing: You are the secretary of Agrodut Sangha. Write a notice inviting the members of the club as well as the local inhabitants to donate blood in a blood donation camp to be organized by your club.

Blood Donation Camp Notice Writing


  Blood Donation Camp Notice Writing

Date: 10/09/2022

All the club members and inhabitants of our locality are hereby notified that our club is going to organize a blood donation camp. The camp will be held on the club premises on June 20th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Donations of blood can save someone’s life, so don’t miss the opportunity to be a lifesaver. At this camp, our honorable district magistrate, Dr. Raju Chatterjee, will be present to inspire people to donate blood. After donating blood, you will get a health authority-signed certificate and a healthy lunch.

So all the members and local people are asked to donate blood. Make our little effort a grand success.

Arko Ray


Agrodut Sangha

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