Debate Competition Notice Writing

Write a Notice On Debate Competition: Assume you are the secretary of your school’s cultural committee, and your school is planning a debate competition to commemorate the school’s founding day. Now, write a notice informing all students about the debate competition.

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Debate Competition Notice Writing

Date: 15/08/2022

All the students of all classes are hereby informed that our school is going to organise a debate competition on the occasion of our school foundation day. The debate competition will be held in our school auditorium hall on August 19th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A healthy debate competition gives you a different perspective on a single topic. Debate competitions enable you to present and defend your point of view on various topics. It also helps you understand the thinking of others.

Our school management committee secretary, Dr. Ajit Bose, and local MP, Aditi Ghosh, will be present there to encourage their confidence. The first winner will be awarded a trophy along with an authority-signed certificate.

So, All the interested students are requested to submit their names to their respective class teachers on or before August 5.

Rakesh Adhikari,

Secretary, Cultural Committee

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