Drawing Competition Notice Writing For a School Competition

Drawing competition Notice Writing is general information that gives details about a drawing competition, including time, date, place, and everything else.

Suppose your school’s cultural committee has arranged a drawing competition, and you are the secretary of the committee, now informing all the students to write a notice.

This post is an example of a drawing competition Notice Writing for a school competition that gives all the details about the drawing competition and how it’s going to be held

Notice Writing on the Drawing Competition is written based on the following points:

  • Date and time of the drawing competition
  • Who can participate in the competition
  • The theme of the drawing competition
  • What is the prize for the winner
  • Encourage the student

Drawing Competition Notice Writing


All The Students,

We are thrilled to announce that our school cultural committee has arranged a drawing competition for all the students. On May 25, the drawing competition will be held at our school auditorium hall from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For all the students who want to show their artistic talent to the world, this is a great opportunity for them. The theme of the drawing competition will be “Educating Girls to Educate Society”. Students are allowed to draw any type of painting, such as pencil sketches, color paintings, oil paintings, etc.

The student should follow the theme, and their painting should be original and not copied from anyone else. Students will be provided with all necessary drawing components, like drawing paper, pencils, and eraser colours.

The competition will be judged by some expert artists, and the first three winners will be awarded a cash prize and a trophy. There will be a participation certificate for all the students who take part in this drawing competition.

We encourage all interested students to enroll their names with their respective class teachers on or before April 20. It’s a great opportunity to show your talent to the world, as well as win some prizes. Don’t miss it.

Biplab Biswas
Secretary of The Cultural Committee
RKL High School

Head Master

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Special Notes: All the notice writing for any competition will be the same as this post; you just have to change the context of the competition.

For example, if the competition is a quiz competition, you have to write all the details about the quiz competition. Notice writing format will be the same for any competition in school.

If you still have any doubts, write them in the comments section.
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