Notice Writing on Fancy Dress Competition

Notice Writing On Fancy Dress Competition will describe the details of the competition, including the place and time of the competition, and will also tell you what the fancy dress competition will offer you.

Do as you like means dressing up or being your favorite avatar, which is a great opportunity to present yourself to the world. A fancy dress competition can be beneficial to boost one’s self-confidence.

Notice Writing on Fancy Dress Competition

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Dear students,

All the students are informed that our school has arranged a fancy dress competition on the occasion of our school’s annual day on April 10.

The competition will be held at our school’s auditorium hall from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Participants can dress up as their favorite character from any book, movie, or real-life person. The outlook costume should be colorful and eye-catching, and contestants will be judged just on their costume confidence and presentation.

This is a great opportunity to present your artistic soul to the world. I highly encourage the students to take part in the fancy dress competition. The competition can help you build self-confidence.

Interested students can submit their names to their respective class teachers on or before March 30. All the participants are requested to be present in the auditorium hall 30 minutes before the competition. The first three winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes and certificates. Also, all the students are requested to visit the fancy dress competition and witness this colorful ceremony.

Principal Of HKN School

Ranjit Roy

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