The Lion and The Mouse Story Writing

The Lion and The Mouse Story Writing will teach the moral value of kindness and how kindness never gets wasted, no matter how small it is.

If you are in a school or parents looking for story writing, this story is for you. The Lion and The Mouse Story Writing will give you a learning experience as well as teach some valuable lessons. Here in this story, one day the lion shows kindness towards a tiny mouse. In troubled times, the tiny mouse repays that kindness to the lion.

The Lion and The Mouse Story Writing


  • The lion and Mouse meeting
  • Lion caught tiny mouse
  • Tiny mouse begged for life
  • Lion shows kindness
  • One-day lion got trapped
  • The mouse helped lion
  • Repay his kindness

Long long ago, in a dense forest, lived a lion. The lion was known as the king of the forest for his bravery and strength. All living beings were afraid of lion.
One day the lion was taking a short nap under a tree beside where a tiny mouse was playing.
While running, the mouse accidentally falls under the lion. The lion’s nap got disturbed and woke up.

The lion was very angry immediately after he caught the tiny mouse with his paws. The mouse begged for his life, saying, “Lion, you are the king of this forest. Please forgive me.” The mouse also said if you let me go today, someday I will help you and repay your kindness.

Listening to the mouse, the lion laughed at the mouse’s promise that a tiny mouse could help him. Looking at the tiny mouse, the lion thought, it is too small to eat and let him go.

After some days passed, the lion and mouse were living their normal lives, hunting and sleeping. One day, while hunting, the lion got trapped in a hunter’s trap. The lion tried his best to get out of this trap but failed. The tiny mouse heard the news that the lion got trapped. The mouse ran and went to that place. Without thinking anything, the mouse started gnawing on the ropes that bound the lion.

After Sometimes the ropes are cut and the lion gets his freedom. The lion was shocked that the tiny mouse saved his life. The lion felt sorry and apologized to the mouse for his misunderstanding. The tiny mouse was also happy to repay the kindness that he promised.
From that day, the lion and the antonym house started living together and became very close friends.

The Lion and The Mouse Story Writing Summary

The Lion and The Mouse Story Writing Summary

Once, there was a lion who was known as the king of the forest. Accidentally, a tiny mouse came into the lion’s paws. Tiny Mouse begged for his life and said, Don’t eat me. If you allow me to go someday, I will also help you.

They laughed at how a tiny mouse could help me. The lion thought the mouse was too small to eat, so he let the mouse go. Some days later, while hunting, the lion got trapped in a rope net. Listening to this, the mouse came and started gnawing on the rope net. The lion gets his freedom and thanks the tiny mouse for saving his life.

Moral: No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Explanation of the moral:

This moral teaches us we should always show kindness towards others, no matter how small it is. Your small kindness will help you to improve someone else’s life. Also, you get back your kindness in some way; this is why kindness never gets wasted. If you get any opportunity to show kindness to others, always do that.

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