Problem of Teenager Paragraph

 Problems of Teenagers

Hints: Who are teenagers—what are their problems—how they are created-how they can be solved-conclusion.

Problem of Teenager Paragraph

Children from the age of thirteen years upto the age of nineteen are called as teenagers. This is thought to be the most important span of human life. This is the time when all the human qualities – love, hatred, emotion, passion, patriotism, creativity etc. take root. Some of them may flourish and some of them may be nipped. Good and timely counselling of parents, well wishers and elderly people counts much in the life of the teenagers.

The problems of the teenagers are multiple and varied. They are not as multi-faced to the others as they are to the teenagers themselves. This is a period when they can identify themselves, when they try to match themselves with the world outside, when they feel the temptation to spread their wings and test the strength, to venture out of the world created around them so far by their daddies or moms and relish to think and work on their own. Here lies the cause of all problems. The all time caring and loving

parents are not ready to allow them to go on their way. The parents feel that their grip on their children is loosening and an atmosphere or situation of revolt and news ensues. The parents feel that their children are all set to uproot all the moral values to the disgrace of their parents or the families. But it is the time to strike.

Parents and elderly people think that their children are trying to hide something from them. In their absence they (the parents) go into their study or bedroom and search for something, which they do not know for themselves what they are searching under the pillow, mat or mattress, within the pages of books or in some hidden places. They even spy on the mobile sets and call lists. They even try to spy hard on the friends’ circle and give unnecessary and uncalled for advice and sermons. There are, as if, two rival and warring fronts under the same roof.

If the parents feel for their children, if they go back to their own periods of changing – psychological and physical, the problem would not have been so acute. They should come forward to their children to feel their problem and to give friendly advice. The parents must not create a situation that their children do not think themselves to be the member of an unknown world.

Mothers have a vital role to play in dealing with the problems of the teenagers. They are much closer to their children than the fathers. Mothers can seek suggestion from fathers as to how to get rid of the crisis, if any.

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