Report writing on Magic show organised in school

Q: Recently your school organised a Magic Show. Write a report on it for the local periodical magazine.

Points: Date-place-events-enjoyment

Report writing on Magic show organised in school


This year’s Children’s Day on 14th November was celebrated with a Magic Show for the students of classes IV. All the children of the locality were also invited. The children got a lovely surprise when they were greeted with balloons and paper flowers by the great magician, D. K. Bose himself at the gate. When the hall was filled, the Principal, Smt. S. Gupta, welcomed the magician with a formal address and a bouquet of flowers. There was pindrop silence when the show finally started at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Cards vanished and re-appeared out of thin air, milk drunk by the magician was seen to fill another glass kept on a nearby table, children in the audience found sweets in their pockets. Trick after trick held the audience spellbound. The sound of applause filled the hall when the show finally came to an end. The children dispersed with wondering eyes and happy grins on their faces.

[By Sharmistha Dhar, Cultural Secretary, Class XII B]

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