Write a report on a farewell ceremony of a senior teacher of your school

Points: Date – name of school-cultural programme students’ reaction

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Students of Hindu School bid farewell to one of our most beloved teachers, Shri Baren Roy, on 2nd April in a short but sweet ceremony. The farewell function was held in the school auditorium where students of classes VI-XII gathered to hear him for the last time. The programme started with a felicitation address by the Principal, Shri R. Sen. A bouquet and books, Baren Sir’s ‘favourite things’ were presented to him.

This was followed by a song sung by the school choir. Baren Sir loves theatre, so the senior classes presented a skit entitled, ‘To Sir, With Love’, which was appreciated by both teachers and students. Finally, Baren Sir stood up to address us. There was pin-drop silence as he spoke of his long journey in our school. He said that his presence would be there in the school even in his absence. His students would remain inseparable from him. We all had tears in our eyes even as we clapped and smiled at the end of his speech.

[By Arunava Sengupta, Headboy, Class XII A]

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