Paragraph on Newspaper

Hints: Provides knowledge-primary role and role in modern time-editorial column educative value-recreational value-role in advertisement-need to be unbiased.

Man bears enormous thirst for knowledge. He always wanders in hungry heart to know the unknown, to see the unseen. Newspaper is a medium to quench his thirst for knowledge. So, the print media has taken a role of importance in modern life. The primary work of newspaper is to serve news as it is, to us. But in modern times, newspaper covers a lot of subjects like business and commerce, science and technology, sports, entertainment and agriculture. We find news in detail of the stock market from daily newspapers.
In newspapers, a greater space is allowed for political and economic news because they are of mostly common concern. Its editorial column points to the good and bad aspects of various social and political issues, which provide us with enough knowledge to enrich ourselves to the standard of a conscious citizen. Newspaper also has great educative value. It helps us to be acquainted with various events of the world. Man remains ignorant of the current topic in the whole world without newspaper.
He cannot even follow and take part in the discussion of an enlightened society. It can be felt how ignominious and shameful he feels himself then. The refreshing or recreational value of newspaper cannot be ignored. When we feel lonely or bored we try to find a newspaper to get rid of it.
Newspaper plays the role of a good medium of advertisement for the businessmen. A product can be widely circulated at ease through the dailies. It also helps its readers to get a firsthand knowledge of various products and services. But the role of newspaper sometimes becomes illusive when it presents a news in a biased way. It sometimes seems to be the spokes media of some political parties though in a disguised form. The editorial columns, as a result, become one-sided then. So, we should not follow the news of newspapers blindly; rather we should be open-minded and make our own opinion about everything discussed in the newspaper.

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