PRÉCIS Writing on : Child-parent relationship

PASSAGE: It is necessary that parents should be friends to their children. Their duty is not merely to bring up their offsprings. They should know the activities of their children and even keep contact with them when they are at home. Parents should know what their children do at school, what they love to eat. Such things may appear trifling but these intimate enquiries and concern make children happy. He feels good because he understands that his parents are caring. The child enjoys this companionship.

When the child comes back home from school how beautiful it appears as the father and the mother crack jokes or play with him. Jovial and friendly parents are always better than serious and sombre parents. Children of good parents do not need to seek companionship elsewhere. Rather they can confide their problems and express their wishes to their guardians. [144 words approx]

PRÉCIS Title: Child-parent relationship

Parents should necessarily interact with their children. This establishes good relationship between them, and the child feels the care and love of his/her parents. Friendly attitude on the part of the parents ensures that the child will feel secure and will reveal her/his problems to them. [49 words approx]

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