Generation Gap Essay In Simple Language

 Generation Gap

Hints: Introduction – what is generation gap – why is generation gap – problems solution.

Essay on Generation Gap

Generation Gap‘ is a much talked about term in recent years. We are familiar with the term but little do we know what it means and what its impact or effect is on the family or the society.


The meaning of the generation gap is explicit in the term itself. It means a gap or space, that is a vacuum, between a foregoing generation and the generation that follows. It simply means a gap between an older generation and a younger generation.


If we go back to the long past and study the psychological growth of the younger generation and the older one we can easily perceive that the generation gap was still there in those days. It will not be very difficult to understand why this generation gap is so prevailing and prevalent.


The simple reason for this vacuum or gap is that elderly people tend to forget that they were of the age of their children at a certain period. When they grow up they try to push back all their inherent feelings, sentiments, emotions, and passions. They get themselves busy with the newer world of business. They do not even bother to think about the problem of the growing children far to speak of making up or tossing up the issue for discussion and solution. The children will have their problems with the change in their age and outlook. When they grow up from childhood to boyhood, from boyhood to the state of adolescence or from that state they crossover their teens, the world around them keeps on changing all the time and they are in a quandary as to how to get rid of this. It is time for parents or elderly people to give them effective and timely counseling and explain to them what types of problems they are in and what crisis these problems may lead them into.


The problem of the generation gap is great and acute. Children tend to distance themselves from their parents and the parents from their children if they find that their children are behaving otherwise. As a result, the gap becomes wider and wider still. It is the sole responsibility of the parents and the elderly people to bridge the gap as far as possible and practicable with their timely intervention and wise and acceptable advice. It is the onus of the elderly people to prove that they are not cruel and selfish giants but very much friendly and welcome companions.


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