Write a Paragraph on How Newspapers are Produced

Q: Study the following flow-chart. It tells you how newspapers are produced. Write a paragraph in about 110 words describing the process. Have an introductory sentence,

  • Press reporters collect news – Press Photographers take pictures – News sorted and edited  –  types set in machines –  paper rolls inserted – news printed – folded and cut – Newspapers ready for distribution – delivered home


Newspapers, one of the most influential mass media of our age, is produced through a complex procedure. At first pieces of news are collected by the press reporters from different sources and pictures are taken by the press, photographers. Later they are sorted out under different heads and edited. At the same time photographs are chosen. Next types are set in machines, and, when the machines start moving paper rolls are inserted in them. The selected matter gets printed in this way. After printing, newspapers are cut to required sizes and folded. At this stage newspapers are ready for distribution. Finally, these newspapers are deli at home through the hawkers.

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