Importance of Studying History Precis

 PASSAGE:  No one can deny the importance of history in our civilization. No study of present is complete without a reference to the past. If we go to history for a mere catalogue of facts and a record of annals and dates, we will be mistaken. We will only know the surface reality. The proper study of history lies in the relation of the past with the present: how the present relates to the past, and what happened in the past has a profound connection with the present.

It is from history that we come to learn how misfortunes could have been avoided or how people could take lessons from good things. Such knowledge would surely help in the progress of civilization. The real understanding of history lies in this.[131 words]

PRÉCIS Title: Importance of studying history 

History is not a mere record of events and dates. A reader of history can gather knowledge if he goes deeper into the subject. Man can rectify his mistakes and become prosperous if he takes lessons from history. This is the real purpose of studying history.[45 words]

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