Paragraph on Brain Drain in 150 words

Paragraph on Brain Drain
Hints: The meaning of brain drain-reasons behind it – working conditions in India not mood better livelihood and working conditions in developed countries – great loss to the nation – steps to be taken to bring them back to the nation.


Paragraph on Brain Drain

The meaning of brain drain is the migration of qualified people from a less developed country to an advanced country. Many talented people are shifting from India to other advanced countries. The main reason for the brain drain is the lack of employment in India. Qualified people like architects, doctors, engineers, scientists, and many others do not get jobs according to their qualifications. India lacks proper facilities for research work, and this leads to frustration among qualified students, so they are compelled to go abroad to fulfill their aim.

The developed countries provide better facilities for all types of higher studies and also better jobs, and these are the reasons that scholars are easily attracted to going abroad. Some of them return to their homeland after completing their studies or research work, but they become frustrated when they are unable to get a proper salary from the jobs that they join. They are more frustrated when they find that they are unable to make proper use of their skills with the insufficient facilities available.

As a result, the majority of qualified young scholars prefer to settle abroad, where they are provided with better jobs and facilities. Every human being prefers to lead a life full of comfort and luxury, and for this reason, they do not like to miss the golden opportunity of settling in developed countries. Brain drain is a great loss to India. Qualified scholars could have done a lot for their country if they were provided with sufficient equipment and guidance.

It is India’s duty to pay them their expected salary so that they do not go to settle abroad. If they are given a handsome salary, we hope that scientists, architects, doctors, engineers, economists, and every other national scholar will think twice before settling abroad, leaving behind their motherland and their family and friends. It is through their contributions that India will be able to progress and proceed in the days to come and carve a good place in the world.

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