Paragraph on An Ideal Teacher

Paragraph on An Ideal Teacher

Hints: Introduction – who an ideal teacher is – qualities-conclusion.

There may be differences of opinion on same topic or issue. But everybody perna vrees to the image or idea of an ideal teacher or who may be thought of as an ideal Teacher. Every teacher is ideal so far as his noble profession of his teaching and his unbreakable relation with the students are concerned. In spite of that there are few who enjoy special love and honour not only of his students but also of the parents and general members of the society.

Now this is a pertinent question as to who an ideal teacher is. An ideal teacher would unfalteringly be revered as one who beacons and counsels his students. A school is considered to be the second home of the students and as such an ideal teacher is like an all loving and endearing father (or a mother). He must not be a frightening one but one who enjoys a reverential awe. As he can read the heart of individual student, every student feels an urge to come closer to him to find a solution of his problems which may be academic or related to personal life. An ideal teacher does not seek only talented or meritorious students; he is equally or rather more caring for those who lag behind. He safeguards and protects the interest of his students as an umbrella does in rain and inclement weather.

An ideal teacher would be a fatherly figure. He will not always be finding fault with his students but be forgiving and inspiring. He should be a disciplinarian and would be trying covertly or overtly to instil discipline among his students. He should be accessible to every one. He may be very stern from outside but very much tender, sympathetic and benevolent from within. He will have an overpowering impact and influence over his students who will feel his presence in their hearts even when he is physically absent. He will maintain a measured distance from his students as one does from a candle – not too far lest his students should freeze nor too near lest they should melt.

Students would unquestionably and undeniably prefer this kind of a teacher as their ‘guru’ in life. Even when the students become older and the teacher is no more on this earth he will be remembered and worshipped as the guiding force in the life of the students. Not only student fraternity but also our society and the country will be hailing an ideal teacher to make a country ideal.

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