Choosing a Career Paragraph

Hints: Importance of setting a goal early-things one should consider—personal dreams and social needs—things that are more important than money.

Aim in life and choosing a career may sound to be same in meaning. But there is a basic difference between the two. Aim in life does not necessarily have relation with earning money. It is a dream, it is a fascination it is a dedication and devotion. But career has an inherent spirit of earning money and advancement in life. Career is how to progress and how far to progress to improve life and life-style. If a man is a careerist he tries to prove his competence in his field of activity and surpasses others around or ahead of him by honing his merit and talent. So to fix up a life a man wants to live, he must set up his goal and workout ways and means to achieve that goal. He should be always nearer to his goal and never farther from it.

One thing must be made clear when a man goes for choosing a career. A man must not allow his dream or thought to master over himself. Dreaming is one thing and day-dreaming is another. A man should consider his aptitude, capacity, capability and tenacity before choosing a career. Career for one should not be imposed or formulated from outside. The essence and urge, the mettle and mentality should be there in the man for the career he chooses.

When a man goes for choosing a career he must not forget that he is a member of the society he lives in. He should have some duties, responsibilities and obligation to his near and dear ones, to his neighbours and relations and to the society at large. He should have a broad and liberal outlook to each and all.

Though money is very much essential in life, it cannot be the be all and end all of life. Money can never say the last word. Rather, it is a spoiler if a man hankers after money and money only. He should at the same time learn how to make the best use of money earned. He can think of the poor and the needy, the destitutes and the distressed. He can think of those, who with a touch of a little love and sympathy, help and assistance, can have a vision of their own and find a new meaning of life

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