Paragraph on Games and Sports

Paragraph on Games and Sports

Hints: The most famous proverb-attitude of ancient Greeks—attitude of advanced countries towards sports-neglected in India—role of games and sports in human life-develops mutual co-operation. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

It is a dictum that has been in custom throughout the ages. In ancient times, the Greeks believed in chivalry. They even killed the child who was born with some physical weakness or illness. As a result, having a fit and healthy body is beneficial to everyone. In advanced countries, games and sports are a regular part of the curriculum at every stage. Unfortunately, this boon of games and sports has been a matter of neglect even in modern times in India.

Though recently, emphasis on games and sports has been left to educational institutions nowadays. For another reason, the importance of games and sports is emphasised. They keep us not only physically fit but also mentally healthy. They provide us enough scope to enjoy the blessings of good health. A creative brain can only reside in a healthy body, so games and sports ultimately help us to progress intellectually.

Some games and sports can be done alone, and some are meant to be played in groups. The games played by a group can also give us the pleasure of company. It also develops mutual brotherhood and a friendly attitude. Games and sports also help one build character by teaching the virtue of discipline. A particular game is to be played only under some set rules, captains, or supervisors. The decisions of this captain must be obeyed without any protest.

Success in games and sports requires mutual co-operation by the players. A player has to play for the interest of the whole team and not just his own. It teaches him to be selfless and develops the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. Games and sports also develop the qualities of quickness of decision and movement and firmness of mind, which are of immense importance in everyone’s life.

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