Essay on Dignity of Labour

 Dignity of Labour

Hints: What is labour?-different types of work-meaning of dignity of work-adverse attitude towards manual labour-what should be the real attitude-outlook of Western countries.

Work in any form, manual or intellectual, are called labour. Tilling a land, or carrying a load may be called manual work, because they are done with the help of our hands directly. But on the other hand, when we read a book, write a letter our tongue or hand is at work. Here brain plays the major parts. They may be termed as intellectual work. So, it is evident that dignity of work means showing respect to the manual work. It cannot be denied that works done manually are very useful to us. Farmers cultivate crops, toiling their hands and legs ; masons build houses ; carpenters make furniture and smiths shape many tools to facilitate our day-to-day living with the sweat of their foreheads.

It is very unfortunate that every educated youth in our country generally shows adverse attitude towards manual labour. They bear a kind of false sense of dignity to those works, done with the help of hands and muscles. They forget that dignity of work doesn’t lie in how the work has been done ; whether it is done manually or intellectually ; but in how well it is done. A sweeper is more respectable who sweeps neatly and cleanly than a high official who neglects his duties. In Western countries we find the different outlook than ours. Even the university students sometimes work as menials at hotels and other places during vacations in order to meet their expenses.

Moreover, where would we have got our food and shelter if those we look down upon not work with their hands ? Manual labour, in other respect is beneficial for us. It keeps us physically fit and fosters a spirit of industry, self-help and manliness. As a result, it helps us in developing our moral growth. Moreover, it is to be kept in mind, hands are for work. If we do not use them we ultimately deny one of the greatest blessings of God. And nothing is more shameful than to waste such a blessing.

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