Summary Writing Exercises


 Q: Read the following and give the summary of the passage.

An American boy, on a particular summer evening, discovered an owl fast asleep on a branch. Thinking that it would make a wonderful pet, he approached it and grabbed the bird by its legs. This woke up the bird. In a flurry of beating wings, wild eyes and frightened cries, it struggled against the boy’s grasp. Stunned, the boy held on. It is difficult to imagine what happened next and how it happened.

But at some point the terrified boy flung the bird to the ground and stamped it to death. The struggle over, the disbelieving seven-year-old gazed at the broken heap of bronze feathers and blood. And he cried. That summer evening, he awoke to the real meaning of life and never hurt a living creature again.


A seven-year old American boy, seeing a sleeping owl tried to catch it for keeping it as a pet. But when the awakened bird began to struggle, in a frenzied struggle the boy killed it. This unintentional killing transformed him into an animal lover.

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