Write a report on a seminar organized by a club on cancer awareness

You may use the following points. Points: Date-place-organisers-policies—preventions






A seminar was organized by units of National Service Scheme of Rotary Club of Calcutta on the fatal disease of cancer on World Cancer Day on February 4, 2021. The aim of the programme was to create awareness about cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. The programme was presided by Dr. A.P. Das, renowned doctor and a member of the World Health Organisation. The seminar had a full house since all club members attended it.

Many speakers discussed various types of cancers, their causes and prevention. Dr. Anirban Kundu pointed out how some infections can cause cancers. He also stressed on the need of vaccinations against Hepatitis B and HPV (prevention of cervical cancer) to save the lives of people.

Another renowned oncologist, Dr. Suman Biswas, discussed in detail the cancer screening in women. He said that the PAP smear test once in a year can save the lives of a lot of women. Dr. Gargi Nandi rued that there is no organized compulsory health insurance system. She said that there should be an easier availability of cancer treatment in West Bengal and India.

The Chairperson of the seminar, Dr. A.P. Das, stressed on educating the community towards lifestyle choices. He also thanked the National Service Scheme and the Rotary Club of Calcutta for jointly organizing such a seminar. 

                                                                  [By Chandrani Banerjee, Secretary, Rotary Club of Calcutta]

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