PRÉCIS Title: Religion not the sole way of seeking solace

PASSAGE:  India is supposed to be a religious country. The spectacle of what is called religion in India and elsewhere has filled me with horror, and I have frequently condemned it and wished to make a clean sweep of it. Almost always it seems to stand for blind belief, reactionary dogma, bigotry and superstition and the exploitation and preservation of vested interests.

And yet I know well that there is something else in it, something which satisfies a deeper inward craving of human beings. How else could it have been the tremendous power it has been and brought peace and comfort to innumerable souls? I am afraid it is impossible for me to seek anchorage in this way. I prefer the open sea with all its storms and tempests. [127 words approx]

PRÉCIS Title: Religion—not the sole way of seeking solace 

The author steadfastly denounces religion as it begets many vices. However, religion has also been instrumental in giving peace to many souls. However, the author does not take refuge in religion for peace; he would rather boldly face life and combat the problems.

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