Write a Letter To The Police Station Complaining About The Theft Cases

Write a letter to the Officer-in-charge of the local police station, complaining about the rising in your locality and requesting him to increase Police patrolling at night. Your letter should not exceed 120 words.

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25th Jun. 2023


The Officer-in-charge

Barasat Police Station

Aswini Pally



I am a resident of Aswini Pally under the jurisdiction of your police station. For the last two months, there has been a visible increase in anti-social activities, especially theft cases in our locality. Within a fortnight as many as four houses have been burgled. The thieves decamped with valuables like ornaments and cash. In one case one of the inmates of the house was badly injured by the miscreants.

The residents live in a constant panic, especially at night and many pass sleepless nights almost daily. Though the residents have organized a resistance group, I would request you to increase police patrolling in the area at night so that the morale of people is boosted and all of us feel reassured by your presence.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Anupam Roy

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