Natural Calamities Paragraph Writing | Natural Disasters Essay

 Natural Calamities

Points: What are some natural calamities – people in the past at the mercy of nature – modern science and technology – man’s role in natural calamities – pollution, global warming, greenhouse effect – how to combat them.

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Natural Calamities Paragraph Writing

The disaster caused by the vagaries of nature is called a natural calamity. It leads to colossal loss of life and property. Natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, or storms are mostly unpredictable. In the pre-historic ages, the man was simply at the mercy of nature. But with the advancement of science and technology, he gains the capacity to unfold the mysteries. 

He is now better positioned to fight against the fury of nature. Still, he is a powerless puppet before the hostile forces. However, he him-self is partly responsible for the occurrence of some calamities. scientists warn us of the dangers of global warming, the greenhouse effect , and widespread environmental pollution. For, all these mar the rhythm 7 of nature and cause natural calamities. We should be aware of it and try to control pollution. At the same time govt. should activate its disaster management.

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