Letter On Bad Condition Of Hospital in Your Locality

One of your friends was severely injured in an accident. You took him/her to the nearest hospital, but found no doctor on duty. The staff at the enquiry office did not help. Write a letter to the Director of Health Services, West Bengal. Mention the deplorable condition of the hospital.


Write a Letter On Bad Condition Of Hospital in Your Locality, Write to the Director of Health Services.

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Letter On Bad Condition Of Hospital in Your Locality



The Director of Health Services,

Writers’ Building,


Sub : Deplorable condition of hospital


I would like to bring to your notice the deplorable condition of our local Hospital and would request to you to take necessary measures on your part.

Last Monday, two of my friends and I were going to school in a bus. As it was school time the bus was overcrowded and we could not enter inside. Midway in a place called Rampur the bus suddenly pulled up and our friend Rahul lost hold and fell down on the road. He was injured and profusely bleeding.

We rushed him to Barasat Hospital in a taxi. He was semi-conscious and in a state of shock. At the outdoor we were informed that there was no doctor. We rushed to the enquiry where the staff on duty informed that our friend could not be admitted in the hospital and advised us to take him to a nursing home. Our injured friend was not even provided with first aid as the attendants were playing cards. However without wasting time we took him to a nursing home and he got cured.

I request you to kindly ensure that others are spared of facing such horrible experience in hospitals in future.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Debanjan Ganguly

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