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Report writing on Sikkim flood will brief you about the disaster that hit Sikkim on the 5th of October. The cause of the flood was a cloudburst in Lhona Lake.
Report writing gives you a brief about any incident chronologically. In this case, first write about the incident, then the cause, casualties, and rescue operation.

Report writing on Sikkim flood points:

  • Casualty Figures and Relief Efforts:
  • Government Response:
  • Infrastructure Damage:
  • Loss of Life and Missing Persons:
  • Rescue Operations:
  • Communication and Aid:
  • Conclusion:

Report writing on Sikkim flood

Title: Tragedy strikes Sikkim 14 dead and over 100 missing in flood


A devastating flood strikes Sikkim, resulting in a tragic loss of life and property. At least 14 people have died, and more than 100 people remain uncertain as they are reported missing.
According to the report, the flood was triggered by a cloudburst over the Lhona Lake region that unleashed a heavy water flow in the Teesta River.

Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority (SSDMA), in its bulletin, said that among the 14 dead, 7 are from the Pakyong district, and among the missing 102 people, there are 22 army professionals.

The cloudburst caused significant damage to the infrastructure. A total of 11 bridges across the state have been destroyed. Along with the bridges, pipelines, sewage lines, and a total of 277 houses have been washed away in several districts of Sikkim.

22034 people have been affected by this disaster; fortunately, in 2011, they have been successfully rescued. 8 relief camps are in Gangtok, and 18 have opened in the other districts. BRO is actively working on this rescue operation.

The chief minister of Sikkim, Mr. Tamang, is continuously monitoring the situation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke to the chief minister and assured all possible assistance in this disaster.

The situation in Sikkim is very serious, as rescue operations are ongoing. The government and several rescue authorities are working tirelessly. We hope the situation gets normal soon and that people have a quick and effective recovery.

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