Police Complaint for Lost Pan Card| Application For Lost Pan Card to Police

Suppose you have lost your PAN card. Now you are scared of probable misuse of your identity. In these circumstances, you should immediately file a police complaint for a lost PAN card.

Just go to your nearest police station and write a letter briefing the incident and how you lost it. Provide some reference documents.

After successfully lodging a police complaint, you will get a copy of your complaint; now go to the Income Tax Department of India website and apply for a new one.

It takes 2 weeks to get a new one; you can also check the online status on the Income Tax Department of India website.

Here are examples and the format of police complaints for lost PAN card letters.

All Letters are written on the following points:

  • Brief the officer about the incident.
  • What is the significance of a PAN card?
  • Why do you need to file this complaint?
  • Request to take action

Example 1: Police Complaint for Lost Pan Card

The OC
Lal Bazar police station
Kolkata 7000

Subject: complaint about PAN card lost

I am writing this letter to file an FIR for the loss of my PAN card with card number 1920 000. On January 27, while travelling by state bus, I lost my bag that contained my PAN card.

I searched thoroughly but failed to locate it. I guess my bag has been stolen. I am concerned about the probable misuse of my PAN card as it is linked to my financial services, like banking.

Therefore, I request the authority to take the necessary action and file an FIR so that I can claim a new one.

I also attached a Xerox copy of my PAN card. If you need any further information, inform me.
Thank you for your time.

Biplab Biswas

Police Complaint for Lost Pan Card Format

Example 2: Police Complaint for Lost Pan Card

The officer in charge
Babuihati police station
North 24 pargana
Pin 741237

Sub: Pan Card Loss Complaint

I am writing this letter to inform you of the loss of my PAN card. I am Biplab Biswas, a resident of Bhanpur village. I lost my PAN card one week ago and was unable to find it.

PAN number: 1200000
Date of birth: 10/10/2000

Therefore, I request that you file an FIR and also request that you give me a copy of the complaint so that I can apply for a duplicate copy.

All necessary documents are attached below. Thank you for your appreciation.

Biplab Biswas

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What is a PAN card?

A permanent account number (PAN) is an identity issued by the income tax department of India. It hosts unique 10-digit numeric values with numerals and alphabets.

Why a pan card is important ?

Pan is important for taxation; it is linked with all your financial services, and it can also be used for identity verification.

How to apply for a PAN card ?

You can apply for a PAN card through the income tax department’s official website, or you can go to any offline centre; you can locate these centres online.

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