How to Write a Complaint Letter to Police on lost Mobile

Q: Suppose you lost your mobile phone. Write a letter to the 0. C. of your Local Police station. Refer to the following points:

(1) Date and time of the loss. (ii) Name of the place where you lost the Mobile phone (1) Trade mark/IMEI or name of your Mobile (iv) The number and condition of the Mobile.


The Officer-in-Charge,                                                                                              Subhas Palli

Barasat Police Station,                                                                                            Madhyamgram

24 Parganas (North).                                                                                            24 Parganas (North)

5 March, 2021

Sub : Loss of a Mobile phone

Dear Sir,

I write to inform you of the loss of my Mobile phone on 4th March, 2021. I had left the mobile phone in the table of Post office, I went to buy some postal articles from the counter of the post office at about 10.10 a.m. Twenty minutes later when I came back, I found it missing. I searched for it everywhere near the area but failed to trace it.

The missing Phone bearing the IMEI number is 100996422639706 red and 6.5 inch high.It has two sim card Mo-number is 984878*** . It has a pop up camera in front. It is a Oppo bran phone. It is a brand new Phone purchased only a month ago.

I therefore, request you to enter the case in your diary and take necessary steps to recover my lost Mobile phone .

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Arijit Bose

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