Q: Suppose you lost your bi-cycle. Write a letter to the O.C. of your Local Police station

Refer to the following points:

  1. Date and time of the loss. 
  2. Name of the place where you lost the bi-cycle.
  3. Trade mark or name of your cycle. 
  4. The number and condition of the cycle.

Q: Suppose you lost your bi-cycle. Write a letter to the 0. C. of your Local Police station.


The Officer-in-Charge

Barasat Police Station

24 Parganas (North)

Subhas Palli


24 Parganas (North)

5 March, 2023

Sub : Loss of a bicycle

Dear Sir,

I write to inform you of the loss of my bi-cycle on 4th March, 2023. I had left the bi-cycle properly locked in front of Madhyamgram Post Office and then I went to buy some postal articles from the counter of the post office at about 10.10 a.m. Twenty minutes later when I came back, I found it missing. I searched for it everywhere near the area but failed to trace it.

The missing bi-cycle bearing the number T 1568 is red and 22″ high. It has a carry basket in front. It is a Hercules make. It is a brand new bi-cycle purchased only a month ago.

I therefore, request you to enter the case in your diary and take necessary steps to recover my lost bi-cycle.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Arijit Bose

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