My First Day at School Paragraph | Describe Your First Day at School

  • Write a paragraph on your first day at school with the help of the following points
my first day at school paragraph

Points: A memorable day—first day at school years ago—parents accompanying me-tense-entering school campus—many students—meeting headmaster-sitting in my class-slowly started sharing a word or two-early end of school—happy to see my parents waiting for me-shared my experience 

My First Day at School There are many memorable incidents in life that I can never forget. My first day at school is one such event. I can still remember the morning twelve years back when my parents woke me up and helped me to dress in my school uniform. I started school with my parents with a throbbing heart. As I entered the school campus, I saw many boys and girls. After meeting the headmaster, I was taken to a classroom. There were many boys and girls of my age sitting on the benches. For some time I was nervous and frightened.

Gradually I shared a word or two with other students. Then the teacher came and introduced herself to all of us. There were just four periods on the first day. As the closing bell rang, I found my parents waiting for me. I was really happy at the end of the day. I shared my experience with my parents on my way back home from school.

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