Rules of Voice Changing With Examples

Rules of Voice Changing With Examples


Basic Rules of Voice Changing:

1. Find out the verb and find out the subject and object by asking the verb a question with who and what respectively.

2. Make the object the subject [place it in the beginning]

3. After the subject put appropriate from of  be verb (am, is, are, was, were).

4. Put the past participle form of the verb.

5. Put the subject of the sentence with ‘by‘ at the end. change the form of pronoun (from nominative to objective ) if the subject is a personal pronoun.


1. We have received the notice.

Ans: The notice has been received by us.

2. He has not done it.

Ans: It has not been done by him. ·

3. They have found a gold coin.

Ans: A gold coin has been found by them.

4. C. V. Raman had invented the theory.

Ans: The theory had been invented by C. V. Raman.

5. The local people have killed the whale.

Ans: The whale has been killed by the local people.

6. He has sent a letter to me.

Ans: A letter has been sent to me by him.

7. She has done her work.

Ans: Her work has been done (by her).

8. You have told a lie.

Ans: A lie has been told by you.

9. The sea had washed my cloth away.

Ans: My cloth had been washed away by sea.

10. Open the door.

Ans: Let the door be opened.

11. Don’t touch the fence.

Ans: Let the fence be not touched.

12. Change the voice.

Ans: Let the voice be changed.

 13. Shut the door.

Ans: Let the door be shut.

14. Hit the ball.

Ans: Let the ball be hit/You are asked to hit the ball.

15. Don’t make mistake.

Ans: Let mistake be not made.

16. Call the police at once.

Ans: Let the police be called at once.

17. Look at the form.

Ans: Let the form be looked at.

18. Write it now.

Ans: Let it be written now/You are directed to write now.

19. Keep the ball rolling.

Ans: Let the ball be kept rolling.

20. Work hard. (no object)

Ans: You are advised to work hard.

21. Get out. (no object)

Ans: You are ordered to get out.

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