Essay On Value Of Time In Students Life

essay on value of time in students life
Hints: Introduction-why time is valuable-procrastination-lack of punctuality-conclusion.
There is a well-known proverb “Time and tide wait for none.”  Time is very precious. Once it is wasted it is wasted forever. It cannot be regained. We can regain health by medicine, wealth by industry, and knowledge by study but time can never be regained there are many who do not realize the importance of time and keep on wasting their most precious time. They think that they can make up for the loss in the days to come. But this is never possible as time lost is lost forever. Every moment in this short span of our life is precious. So if we keep our work aside we will only overburden ourselves which will prove to be heavy and difficult later. As is the case with insincere and inattentive students who waste their precious time elsewhere and fail in the examination despite excessive hard labor before the examination and as a result, they have to suffer for it throughout their life.
On the other hand, we find that all successful men on this earth have utilized every moment of their precious time. Every prosperous country on this earth also has become prosperous only because they have not lost any moment of their precious time. A man who is not punctual cannot complete his work in time and so everyone working with him is displeased. On the battlefield, if any soldier is late by just a few minutes the destiny of the nation may be changed. For instance, in the Battle of Waterloo, one of the Marshals came to Napoleon’s side a bit too late and this was one of the reasons for Napoleon’s losing the battle.
Accidents always come to us suddenly, so if we postpone any work for the future, we may not find any time to complete the work and the work will remain pending as the accident had come it’s way. So we should not put off doing any work in the future as this may ruin our life. Therefore we should always have the habit of doing our work in time as this is a great virtue.
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