Paragraph on Forest and its Importance in Human Life

Hints: Introduction uses maintains O2, and CO2, balance causes rain deforestation turns the area into desert conclusion

Forest and human life are bound to one another since ancient times. Forests are a part and parcel of human life. Man’s life depends greatly on forests. Forests provide great wealth of a country. It is a beautiful gift of nature. Forests are very much useful to us in many ways. As we all know that human beings breathe out carbon-dioxide and it is used by trees during photosynthesis and trees release oxygen which human beings need to breathe in Forests also supply us timber that is necessary for buildings and furniture.

They supply us food, fuel, flowers and also valuable medicines. Bamboos, leaves, fruits, canes, fibres and grasses are all obtained from forests. It is a great source of paper, rubber, gums, resins etc. A forest directly influences the climatic condition of an area. It causes rain and preserves moisture and this moisture is released by the leaves and this helps in keeping the surrounding atmosphere cool. When the moisture laden winds blow over a forest, the moisture condenses to form clouds which finally dissolves and causes rain.

So if we destroy a forest the area may turn into a desert. The root system of the trees bind the loose top soil and this helps in conservation of soil. The loose top soil is very fertile and so it helps in agriculture. Conservation of soil prevents silting in rivers and checks flood. Nowadays population and industrialisation have increased rapidly and therefore deforestation is taking place.

This is the cause of uneven rainfall, decrease in underground water level and drought. Forests which are the most precious gifts of nature act as a resource for the welfare of human being and so we have to plan to manage it globally. The socioeconomic condition of a particular country depends upon forests. So if we cut down trees indiscriminately then the forest wealth will be decreased. Therefore we have to protect forests to maintain ecological balance to survive in this world and for this man has adopted programmes like ‘Save our Earth and Keep our City Green’.

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